There is no word for hangover in Greek which says a lot about the culture and how Greeks like to enjoy a drink; slowly, with a few nibbles or meze to share over several hours. Athens nightlife, much like the food scene, has evolved into a world class affair and after you’ve visited one or two places, you can’t help but think the city’s revival is well underway. The latest figures reveal new permits for food, coffee and drink venues have more than doubled over the last 5 years in Greece.

The nightlife scene in Athens has become a collection of sophisticated hot spots that draw in big crowds of both visitors and locals. The sleek interiors, quality food, celebrity DJs, and inventive cocktails are all big draw cards but what is unique and fabulous about the bars in Athens is they open during the day for coffee, snacks or desserts. The nocturnally inclined need not worry, as they remain open until very, very late.


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